!!!Welcome to the Gallery!!!

For your enjoyment we have posted some of our more memorable photos on this page. We will be adding photos to this page from time to time. Hopefully this page will bring a smile to your face. We hope you enjoy these photos and will come back often to visit again!



4-Wheel Drive



2-Wheel Drive



Red Heads are FUN!



Love and Kisses



You ain't just whistlin' DIXIE!!!



London Bridge is Falling Down...






Nope! I'm not gonna look.... and you can't Make me!



Father & Son



Friends for Keeps



Keeping On My Toes!!



Mornings come just way too early!




Ha! Ha! Ha! That's a GOOD ONE!!!



Fashion statement!



Boys Will Be Boys!!



Giddy up GOOOOO!!



Welcome To My World



How 'bout a little smooch?



EEEEKS !!! Was that a MOUSE?



Born Free




And if you believe THAT one, I have an honest politician to sell you!



Bad Hair Day



And It Was THIS BIG!!!



Wanna Be My Friend?



You gotta be jokin' right???!!!



Where'd Everbody GO?









The Pause That Refreshes!



New Paint Jobs



Air Brakes



Everybody Says I'm Cute!!





Is There A Barber In The House?






Hi Lover Boy



Bring In The Clown



Just YOU try controlling this thing!!!



Happiness Is Sharing



Lets RUMBLE!!!



Sweet Dreams



I Love My Mommy!






Winter Games



Free Run



Peek A Boo!



Here I come Ready Or Not!



Lunch Break!



Jet Propelled






Ummmmmmmmmmmm YUMMMMM!




I don't DO mornings!



Does that say Walmart?



Kiddie Sleep Over


Bottoms up!!



Can I park here?



Is that what I THINK it is?



Three Head Power Mower



I'm so shy...



Are you SURE this is how we are supposed to go?



Sometimes I get so mad I could stomp my feet!


Think they'll notice we're a matched pair?



Awwwww.... this is the life!!!!



Teacher's Pets!!!



There really HAS to be a better way to do this!



NO WAY is that my mess!



SO, we each get FOUR of these things????



YUK....that tasted nasty!!



WELL do you think things will improve with time?



Yeah, I"m one COOL dude!!!



Well now...let me think about that a minute!






You wonder where the yellow went

When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!!!!






Independent thought!!!



Is my neck just short or are my legs too long?



Look MOM, I'm big like you !



Ummmm, ... you taste almost as good as mom!!!!



I wonder if it's edible?



Do ra meeeee me me me....!



Just washed my ears and can't do a THING with them!!!






Just what makes you think I have something in my mouth?????



Yup! I'm a girl all right!





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