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1. DSLD Fact and Fiction

2. Suspensory Ligament Injuries in Horses

3. The Misdiagnosis of DSLD and Injury in the Peruvian Horse

4. Distinguishing posture from conformational flaws

5. Foxtrotter Scores A Red Letter Day

6. The Original Foundation of the Missouri Foxtrotter Horse

7. Finding Foundation

8. Breeding with Purpose

9. Countdown to Foaling

10. Foaling Considerations

11. Consider Weaning

12. Shopping for a Missouri Foxtrotter

13. Successful Buying

14. Owner's Guide to Hoof Trimming

15. Wild Horses Go Barefoot

16. The Value of Cues

17. The Fox Trot Gait and it's value

18. Foal Imprinting Good or Bad

19. Old Time Foxtrotters or Modern Day Foxtrotters

20. Selecting a Stallion

21. Foxtrotters and Trail Events

22. In Memorium of Rollen Clarkson

23. Horse Fetal Development Chart

24. What a Foxtrotter Can Do

25. Building Blocks of Color

26. Contemplating the Curly Horse

27. Selecting a Trainer

28. V-Factor calculation chart








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