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To make purchasing more affordable and/or convenient for our customers, Foxvangen Farm is happy to offer terms on any horse presented for sale. 90 days is the same as cash with a $600.00 nonrefundable deposit and the horse stays here until paid in full. Longer contracts can be arranged as well. We make every effort to work with our buyers so the experience of purchasing a quality Missouri Foxtrotter is pleasant and rewarding.
We do not accept credit cards at this time, but we do accept Pay Pal which affords options to buyers such as the use of their credit card. Foxvangen Farm works hard to match the right horse to the prospective buyer. In the rare event someone is not totally happy with their choice we offer exchanges. We do not offer refunds.
Now is a good time to purchase. Due to the recession we at Foxvangen Farm have rolled our prices back to suit the times. As soon as the lagging economy improves these prices will go back up considerably. If you see a horse you like feel free to make an offer. We may not accept it but then again we may never hurts to ask! We are not desperate to sell but we are reasonable enough to try to work with our customers.
If we do not have just the right horse you are looking for we are more than happy to try to locate one for you. Please take time top view the horses listed below.
As you are viewing the horses available, keep in mind that Foxvangen Farm breeds quality horses that are attended at birth, handled daily, and receive only the best of care. All the horses are vaccinated and wormed regularly. They receive daily wormer during the warm season. Our horses see a farrier regularly from the time they are two weeks of age, and are never harshly treated. They are fed top quality feed to include daily mineral supplements and they are not ridden until they are mature enough that ALL their growth plates in the legs have closed. We like them to grow up sound and remain sound and productive well into their twenties.
We do not ride babies and we do not stress joints. To do so is to cause early onset arthritis even though any lameness may not show up for many years. So if you are looking for fully trained 2 or 3 year olds do not shop here! We believe in allowing horses time to mature in the brain and learn to be a horse before learning to be a to notch riding companion. Our horses are people loving, gentle and kind. They are bred to gait naturally and do not pace. We hope you will find a horse on this page that fits your ideal. Thank YOU for visiting!!
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Thank you to all who participated in our sale. We appreciate you and know you will be happy with your purchases for many years to come. At this time we are going back to normal pricing. If you made serious contact regarding any of the sale horses remaining (2) we will honor that price only to you.

Thanks again!

!!!Offered For Your Consideration!!!



Foxvangen's Saxon


Photo taken at 15 months. Saxon is turning light gold and should mature an Isabella Palomino by time he is 4-5 years old.

Foxvangen's Saxon was foaled August 24,2010 as the result of the mating between Casey Ann Kay and Foxvangen's Solaris. Saxon is a charming colt who was born extremely curly. His hair grew out to Marcelle waves before lengthening to bunny fur. He has tiny, tight curls in his ears and has proven hypoallergenic to all the exposed allergic people to see him to date.

Saxon will shed straight like all of ours but will likely keep his ear curls in winter as does his brother Titan. On severely cold winters he may show the least little bit of wave but one will need to look for it. This is the type strain of curl our horses carry.

Saxon was born an athlete with a quick, intelligent mind. He is adorable and friendly and nearly impossible to spook. Saxon is calm and playful and will make an excellent stallion prospect just like his sire, Solaris.

Saxon has great bone and joints and a really pretty head. His large eyes are extremely long lashed and his eyes are dilute. We believe they will eventually turn amber. His sire's eyes are a dark amber.

We don't generally keep our colts in tact past 4 months but with Saxon we decided to make an exception because of his extremely reasonable and gentle nature and his superb athletic ability, not to mention his natural gaits.

He is quick as a fox and nimble as a rabbit. He loves a challenge and was the first to want to climb our large compost pile and then play 'Man from Snowy River' coming down the steepest side. He is not daunted by other horses and he is naturally bold and curious. He is not hyper or flighty in the least.

Saxon should mature to 15 hands or possibly a bit more. His mane looks as if it will be either very wavy or curled. He is likely to develop into a medium gold palomino.

Whatever Saxon does he puts his whole heart into. He's a strong, healthy colt with a lot to offer. He was born fox trotting and has great rhythm and reach!

Asking Price, $ 2050.00



El Poco Hombre

(The Little Man)




El Poco Hombre; aka, Poco, is a Blue Papered Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. Shown in these photos he is 16 months old. He will turn two in April of 2010. Poco is also registered with the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association with a Gold Seal and a factor of V-100 which means he is just a hair over 5/8 old foundation blood.

If you are looking for a naturally talented horse, Poco may be just what you are looking for. He's bright, drop dead lovely to look at and has an awesome show quality Foxtrot. He does not pace.

Poco is an elegant moving horse with presence and style. He canters a true 3 beat canter and gallops a true 4 beat gallop. He has never shown a lateral step but does trot well. Poco, as you can see in the photo below has an amazing head nodding, fully extended, natural foxtrot. He also running walks and we have seen him rack on occasion. He carries a nice tail and has a regal bearing.

Just look at the flip of this guy's mane! That is testimony to his remarkable head nod and his eye catching foxtrot. He uses every bit of his shoulder and foreleg to grab ground and he has the true "hunk of meat" rhythm.

Poco would make a great trail horse, show horse, number of speed sports. He's spirited, spunky and sensitive. He does have a slight splay in his front feet and that is reflected in his price.

Poco goes to a host of top horses. In his first five generations alone he goes to Missouri's Cassey Jones, Master Tom, Red Rawhide, Playboy's Spotted Fox, Red Zane....and he goes to Dare's Trigger, Poole's BlueBoy. This is a well bred youngster just looking for a quality home.

Photo taken at 3 yrs.

Asking Price, $1500


Foxvangen's Hobbit


Foxvangen's Hobbit at 26 months



Foxvangen's Hobbit is a Blue Papered Missouri Foxtrotter also registered in the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association with a V-factor of 96 which means he is 10/16 original old style Foxtrotter. He has a distinguished pedigree including 37 crosses to Golden Governor and 43 crosses to Old Fox. His heritage is primarily that of Saddlehorse and Morgan with more than 1,000 crosses to Justin Morgan and 56 crosses to the famous Saddler, Rex McDonald!

Hobbit was sired by Foxvangen's Solaris making him third generation of our breeding program through his sire. Hobbit's dam is one of our herd matriarchs, Chief's Magic Ribbon H. His pedigree can be traced back to 1623 on many legs and is packed with notable horses through each generation!

Hobbit in his curly suit. Once our foals shed their curls they never get them back but nearly all of them remain hypoallergenic

Hobbit was born with a wavy coat that turned curly by a month. This is something we see quite a bit of in our stock. When they shed their foal coat they lose the curl and we never see the curls again but the residual is that nearly every one of them is hypoallergenic when tested by people with allergies to horses! We have not tested Hobbit yet but we are confident he is likely also hypoallergenic as are so many of our others.

Hobbit is very nimble and fluid in his motion. As a youngster he is very elastic and flexible. He likes to run and play and has considerable speed at the gallop.

He can race down hill full tilt and without slowing a bit, make a 90 degree turn and keep on his feet and just keep going or he can stop midway without losing a step. When he plays he executes flying lead changes and slide stops like a stock horse! He's sure footed as a goat into the bargain. He is sensible and sensitive and learns real fast.

At just 11 months of age, Hobbit is very mature and balanced. He has a steady brain and a fun-loving spirit.

Hobbit moves with economy and an easy gliding action. He is maturing fast already as tall as our two year olds.

Hobbit is naturally gaited. He performs many intermediate gaits but defaults to foxtrot. He has a natural running walk and he can canter and gallop true

At night he is closed in a stall if the wind is blowing hard or it's storming. I can walk over him and clean the stall around him and he just lays there unconcerned. I put his blanket on over his head and can handle any part of his body. He has had his feet trimmed four times already and he stands for the farrier.

He has a wise old horse brain in a baby horse body. But he moves like a solid horse. With his wonderful bone and joints and feet Hobbit would be a good candidate for endurance, field trials or CTR but will make someone a fabulous trail buddy as well.

Hobbit was born far darker than he is in these photos. Our palominos take a few years to mature their coat color so we really don't know how dark they will be at maturity. From the spots of darker gold around his eyes, ears, flank etc. we believe he will mature to a more golden color but it may take him a couple years to get there if he follows the pattern of some of our other palominos.

Hobbit enjoys running and playing in the pasture. He can be alone or with other horses and gets along with everyone.

He's a wonderful colt with a lot to offer . He looks like he will mature between 15 hands and 15.2.

Asking Price, $1950






Foxvangen's Monarch

Foxvangen's Monarch was foaled August 30, 2011. His sire is Foxvangen's Solaris and his dam is Foxvangen's Que Se Ra. Monarch is a very outstanding palomino, curly colt with four long stockings and a bald face. He has presence and style as well as having correct conformation. He is bold and calm but also active and friendly.

Monarch is a spectacular colt with a natural stock horse instinct even though he can also display first rate gait and extension of a champion. He is a good candidate for stallion material.

Asking Price $1950 prior til weaning and to breeding home only.


Congratulations Bill in New Zealand!



Foxvangen's Sasha

Sasha is a strong yearling filly with a hefty frame, great legs, joints and feet. Her sire is Foxvangen's Toy Boy and her dam is Foxvangen's Millenium. She is athletic as they come and extremely bold and sure of herself. I do not believe she has ever shown fear and is willing to face strange things with an avid curiosity. For limited time only


Congratulations Lonnie and Molly


Foxvangen's Sarafina



Foxvangen's Sarafina ( pronounced "sarah - feena") turned a year old in August. She is an exceptionally pretty filly with a lot to offer. In fact if she was not so closely related to our stallions she would not be offered for sale at all. She is that special! These photos were taken when she was 10 months old.

Sarafina is a Blue Papered Missouri Foxtrotter that could be Gold Papered. She is sired by Foxvangen's Solaris and her dam is Foxvangen's Millenium. This makes Sarafina third generation of our breeding program through her sire and second generation through her dam.

This cross was an excellent one which we will repeat in the future! Sarafina is also registered with the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association with a Gold Seal and a factor of V-99 which means she carries 5/8 original Foundation Foxtrotter blood. Sarafina is also registered with the Sabino Horse Registry International as an SB1 Sabino. She is also eligible for registry in the Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry where both of her parents are also registered!




Lv Max's Twister

LV Max's Twister is a Blue Papered Missouri Foxtrotter. In these photos he was just two years old, he will be four in April of 2010.

Max is a true roan gelding with a sweet nature and a very willing personality. He learns very fast and is a fun little horse to work with. Max is not of our breeding. He was purchased to be a play companion to another colt we were raising that didn't have a chum. Max fulfilled his task admirably by being a "big brother" to the other colt but is no longer needed. He would make a nice ladies mount or a teenager's dream horse. He is about 14.2 and though he does not qualify for Foundation registry he is terrifically gaited. He is silky smooth in motion and is fast both in gait and at the gallop. Max does not pace.





Knight of Troy


Knight of Troy is a Blue Papered Missouri Foxtrotter gelding that is really worth taking a look at. He is also registered in the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association with a Gold Seal and a factor of V-114 which makes him 9/16 old foundation blood. He is line bred to Master Tom, Red Rawhide, The Boogie Man and Missouri Traveler. This packs him with a ton of rhythm and style but he also goes many times to Golden Governor and has such greats as Missouri's Cassey Jones, Black Angel and a host of other well known horses on his pedigree.

Troy is a free moving horse with a lot of stride and a natural gait that is a joy to watch. He carries himself with a sort of natural collection and uses his hocks very well. We have witnessed him Foxtrotting ( his gait of choice) run walking and he can rack. He is not pacy.





Foxvangen's Summer Heat


Foxvangen's Summer Heat is a 9 year old mare foaled in 2002. Her dam is Gambler's Jasmine who can be seen on our "mare" page. Her sire is Foxvangen's Braveheart Two who can be seen on our "stallion" page.

Summer is a large mare standing approximately 16 hands. She is big bodied and moves freely with a long stride. Summer is dog gentle and very friendly. She loves attention and is not aggressive in pasture. Summer is kind to her pasture mates and has been pastured with all ages and sexes. She is simply not a trouble maker.





Foxvangen's Pagan



Foxvangen's Pagan is a lovely liver chestnut mare who is a Blue Papered Missouri Foxtrotter. She was foaled in October of 1998. Her sire went out of production before DNA was available so he was blood typed. Her Dam is DNA'd.

Pagan is also registered in the Foundation Foxtrotter Heritage Association with a V-factor of 78 which means she is just a hair under 12/16 old foundation blood. The original blood that started the breed. She has less than 1/4 Tennessee Walking Horse blood in her. She is Gold Sealed which means she has been witnessed foxtrotting at liberty.

Pagan's sire was Wildfire's Socks. Though the name is rather plain "Fire" was not. He was one of the most intelligent,naturally gaited horses we have ever come across. He was bred by the late Rollen Clarkson, the only man we have come across who was able to standardize his horses to a type and have them all foxtrot naturally without need of professional training. His stock were bred as ranch horses possessed of great athletic ability. This Fire passed down to his daughter.









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