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Here at Foxvangen Farm we take pride in selectively breeding for specific uses. While all our horses make terrific trail mounts we like them to also have a little extra talent and ability. To that end we breed two general conformational types.

The first type is built for free wheeling, enduring motion and conformation suitable for sports such as field trials, competitive trail, endurance or any other sport requiring a modicum of speed and endurance.

The second type is bred for quick, athletic ability common to ranch horses. These horses are designed for sports such as gaming, cow penning, reining or any other sport requiring a horse to be quick on it's feet and be able to make split second turns when asked.

With all of them the same natural foxtrot gait is bred in along with the lap dog personality and affectionate nature that are the hallmarks of the original foundation type Missouri Foxtrotter. Just don't forget there's a real active brain in that pretty head because these horses like to work and are exceptionally quick to learn.

To that end we selected mares for our breeding stock that each had something special to offer. They are carefully crossed to stallions we have chosen to be catalysts for the desired quality and ability. Within a couple generations our stock is well on the way to standardization. We have kept back specific mares we bred from a carefully chosen group of stallions to bring yet another generation into the world

Our motto is: "if each generation is not better than the last then we have not done our job properly" While all our horses are outstanding representatives of the breed, no horse is perfect so there is always room for some improvement.

We and our clients are very pleased with our product and it is largely due to the mares on this page that we can be.


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Miss Molly Fox



Chief's Magic Ribbon H.



Foxvangen's Millenium



Foxvangen's Aysha




Foxvangen's Ruby Slippers



Coin's Touch of Magic



Foxvangen's Que Se Ra



Gambler's Jasmine



Casey Ann Kay





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