More than 4,000 years of history uncovered by 11 years of research has resulted in the writing of this book. The extraordinary evolutionary path of the Missouri Foxtroter is truly amazing! This ancertry is not only notable, but also traceable all the way back to the medieval times of the middle 17th century. The Missouri Foxtrotter can be traced directly to the earliest written records kept on horses!

This superb, yet rarely published breed comes by it's extraordinary quality, gait, and ability very legitimately! Century upon century of the finest breeding went into it's development.

Now for the first time ever, the remarkably rich history of the Missouri Foxtrotter is revealed in print and made available to the world.

Come meet the MISSOURI FOXTROTTER, a horse that is truly OF ROYAL BLOOD!

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Nothing is more exciting or rewarding than seeing a new foal into the world. The process generally follows set natural laws and goes without a hitch in the majority of cases. Sometimes, however, things don't just go quite the way nature intends and when those times occur it is really important for humans to be on hand to lend assistance.

Having been a foalilng midwife for more than 45 years, delivering in excess of 600 foals, I have come across a number of difficult deliveries. To date all have turned out well. I have never lost a mare nor a foal during foaling.

This book was written due to the encouragement of many horse breeders whom I've met on line, who have found some of my experiences in foaling unusual and interesting.

Intended for interesting reading, these true life stories illustrate some of the situations that can arise when the foaling process fails to follow the normal progression.

329 pages of text in story form has been claimed to have saved many mares and foals because the readers remembered the stories and knew what to do for their mares.

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