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Foxvangen's Toy Boy



Foxvangen's Solaris




Former Stallions

Here are the other stallions Foxvangen Farms has used as cross out stallions for our breeding program. Each had qualities and characteristics we wished to encorporate into our bloodlines.


Wildfire's Socks

Wildfire's Socks at age 3

Wildfire's Socks, a Clarkson bred stallion and half brother to Toy. From him we only got two foals, both fillies and both still in our breeding program. Foxvangen's Millenium and Foxvangen's Pagan. From him we wanted his solid natural Foxtrot, his stock horse athletic ability, his fabulous shoulder and symmetry, and his incredibly willing nature...and we did. We also liked his tidy little head.He was gelded and became a beloved partner to his owner.



Foxvangen's Braveheart Two


Foxvangen's Braveheart Two now standing stallion in Germany. He is sire to Solaris, Ruby Slippers and Summer Heat. We retained him as a stallion with the hope of getting some mares from him to take back to another stallion. We wanted to capture his wonderful gait, his exceptional smooth nibbleness, his elegance, agility, speed and willing nature....and we did!



Montana's Blue Nugget P.


Montana's Blue Nugget P. We purchased from Peterson's in Montana. He is grandsire to Foxvangen's Solaris and sire to Foxvangen's Aysha, Foxvangen's Que Se Ra, Foxvangen's Lyra, dam to Solaris. From him we wanted to get his long reaching foxtrot, his amazing sprinting speed, quick athletic ability, wonderful shoulder and his reach...and we did. He is now a beloved gelding adored by his owner.



Dan'Na' s Magni


Dan'Na's Magni, we purchased as a yearling. We wanted to capture his strong bone, tie ins, natural foxtrot, natural reach, his stouter body frame, and of course a little color. And we did. He is now a gelding living a great life with his new owner!








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